Thursday, 16.05.13 , written by Cornelia Teich Contributions for insurance and pensions should not be missing in any tax return. However, taxpayers must correctly enter their insurance and pension contributions in the tax return form in order to save tax properly. For this purpose, insured persons use 

 Steuererklärung: Versicherungen richtig von der Steuer absetzen

The deadline is approaching: Most taxpayers have until 31 May to submit their tax return to the tax office. Anyone who still has to torment themselves through the forms should remember: with the error-free statement of the insurance premiums and the pension contributions, the tax burden can generally be reduced significantly. Not only the contributions for the health and long-term care insurance can be claimed up to a certain amount for tax purposes, but also the contributions into the Riester contract or the expenses for the Rürup pension.

Enter insurance premiums correctly

In order to deduct the contributions for insurance and pension from the tax, two forms are important above all: the investment precaution expenses and the plant AV. Who wants to assert his pension expenses and insurance contributions in the income tax declaration, indicated in the coat sheet on line 40, that he adds all the relevant information in the relevant annexes. In this way, he informs the tax office that the contributions should be considered as special tax expenses.

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Investment for pension costs: deduct insurance premiums

All information on precautionary expenses must be entered by taxpayers in the annex. These include contributions to old-age provision, ie statutory pension insurance, professional pension funds and Rürup contracts. The data to be entered can be found in the employment tax statement, the documents of the pension fund and the provider of the basic pension.

In addition, the health insurance and long-term care insurance contributions of the taxable person, his spouse and the children are noted in the investment sheet.

Editorial Tip

Since 2014 taxpayers have had their pre-filled tax return ready. With it you can retrieve data that is available at the tax office, such as name, address and date of birth, but also contributions to the Riester pension. However, the pre-filled tax return meets with criticism due to its incompleteness.

Annex AV: Information on pension contributions

Riester savers can tell the tax office their information on pension contributions in the Annex AV. Here you can enter contributions up to 2,100 euros. The tax office then automatically checks whether a tax advantage through the special tax deduction for the taxpayer is more advantageous than the granted state Riester allowance. Above all, singles who have no children often benefit from the special deduction and can look forward to a tax saving.

Other pension expenses in the tax declaration

In the tax declaration, employees can claim other pension costs up to a maximum of 1,900 euros, for self-employed persons the deductible maximum amount is 2,800 euros. For retirees, pensioners, childless self-employed as well as low-earning workers whose expenses are below the applicable maximum amount, it may be worthwhile taking into account pension expenses as well as contributions for the health and long-term care insurance and other precautionary expenses such as accident insurance, liability insurance or disability insurance to indicate in the tax return. However, it should be noted that, for example, contributions for occupational accident or liability insurance are deemed to be income-related expenses and must therefore be reported accordingly to taxpayers with income from employment as part of Annex N.

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