Question of the week: What’s wrong with the GroKo for employees?

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news Question of the week: What's wrong with the GroKo for employees? News always well informed Friday, 09.02.18 , written by Julia Meier After the longest government formation of all time there is clarity in this country: In the negotiations on the Grand Coalition (GroKo), the SPD and the Union have now agreed on the last issues and have finalized the draft for the coalition agreement. Especially workers benefit from some innovations of the future government and are partially relieved. > Der neue Koalitionsvertrag könnte für viele Arbeitnehmer für finanzielle Entlastung sorgen The innovations at GroKo look promising for employees

  • After weeks of negotiations, SPD and CDU / CSU have also agreed on the last few points in the coalition agreement for the GroKo.
  • The contract provides for a number of changes that will benefit employees in the future.
  • Changes in statutory health insurance, taxation and pensions provide greater financial relief for many workers.

The draft of the coalition agreement for the new grand coalition stands. After weeks of negotiations, both parties have now created a framework for the new government. Above all, the financial relief of citizens was always a big topic. Whether at Baukindergeld, Solidaritätszuschlag , in the pension or the statutory health insurance : In many areas, employees can look forward to more money in the future.

GroKo ensures the return of parity-financed health insurance

Good news for workers is in health protection. Because SPD and Union have agreed in their talks on the return of a parity-financed statutory health insurance. For insured persons, this means that, in addition to the general contribution rate of 14.6 percent, half of the additional contribution determined by the health insurance companies will be borne by the employer . The average additional contribution of the statutory health insurance is currently at 1.0 percent.

Employees are thus relieved of the statutory health insurance on average by 0.5 percentage points. With a monthly gross income of 3,500 euros, this is a saving of 17.50 euros. The changes are expected to start on January 1, 2019 .

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Taxpayers should benefit from the reduction of the soli until 2021

In addition to increasing the basic allowance to 9,000 euros per year for singles and 18,000 euros for married couples, workers could in future also benefit from the reduction of the solidarity surcharge (soli) .

The plan is to relieve taxpayers from 2021 to ten billion euros . For the Union and SPD, this is a measure that affects 90 per cent of all workers who pay the soli contribution. The contribution should be gradually phased out. Singles with an annual income up to the exemption limit of € 61,000 are completely exempted from the contribution payment. From this limit, the soli-contribution is then skipily abolished . According to calculations by Handelsblatt a single with a monthly gross income of 4,000 euros would have 692 euros per year more in the bag . However, when and in what form this change will take effect at the end is not yet known.

Low earners should be guaranteed a basic pension

The introduction of a Solidarrente was an important point for the SPD in the context of the soundings. This should give greater recognition to employees, especially low paid workers, who have paid pension insurance for at least 35 years. The time they took care of raising children or caring for relatives is included.

If a claim to the basic pension exists, it should amount to ten percent more than the basic state security in old age . Depending on the region, retirees can expect to spend more money each month. However, it is still uncertain when the measures to implement the basic pension will start.

Baukindergeld can relieve more than 200,000 families

In the future, parents with children will not only benefit from the increase in child benefits, which is to be increased by ten euros from 1 January 2019 and by another 15 euros from 1 January 2021 . According to the new plans, the government wants to support families in the construction or purchase of their own four walls. Accordingly, the so-called Baukindergeld, which existed until 2006, reintroduced. Families receive an annual subsidy of € 1,200 for each of their children for a maximum of ten years.

The Baukindergeld should be entitled to families with an annual gross income of up to 75,000 euros plus a tax allowance of 15,000 euros. According to the Finance Ministry, more than 200,000 families will benefit from government support in the future.

Nursing professionals should benefit from GroKo changes

Anyone working as a caregiver can look forward to the improvements in the new GroKo. In addition to the optimization of working conditions , the payment of employees in the health and elderly care is adjusted.

Measures for this are area-wide collective agreements . The changes in the employment contracts and the adjustment of the minimum wage in East and West Germany , nurses can look forward to a little more salary in the account. However, the concept is already heavily criticized, as it would burden the needy more than before and also the creation of new foster homes could not remedy the existing state of emergency.

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Julia Meier

editorial staff

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